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July 16th, 2017021 Si vous avez porté attention au monde du brassage dans la dernière année, vous avez sûrement entendu parler de la vague d'indignation qui a été causée par la décision de la RACJ de ne pas donner de permis à la compétition de LABAQ. Ce n'est pas la seule fois que c'est Read Source Article

July 14th, 201706 Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly, le 12 juillet 2017 – La saison des concours est terminée pour nous cette année, et c'est avec une immense fierté que nous vous annonçons que deux cidres de la Cidrerie Saint-Antoine se sont mérités cinq prix prestigieux en 2017, au niveau québécois et pancanadien. All Canadian Brewing Awards 2017 Seule Read Source Article

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July 19th, 201708 An article by Noah Forrest Summer is finally taking hold of Montréal, or at least we can hope. I was recently on vacation and the weather was garbage for the most part. That said, the colder temperatures allowed me to kill off a few imperial stouts. However, I think many Read Source Article

July 18th, 201705 Few months ago Pub Pit Caribou in Montreal celebrated their one year anniversary with quite the celebration, I missed what seems like a crazy dance party at night, However, I was there during the day. Along with a list of great draft beers and special bottled beers Read Source Article

July 10th, 201701 Microbrasserie Le Bockale , located in Drumondville, Quebec, one hour and fifteen minutes south east of Montreal, is a fairly new brewery to hit my knowledge. I am unsure about the history of this brewery, but I believe they are fairly new to the beer scene here Read Source Article

July 2nd, 201707 I just happened to be in Toronto when the first can-release preceded the anxiously awaited opening of Though I expected a lineup, I wasn't sure a 4.7% ABV Stout and a Dortmunder would draw the crowds, but while I wasn't alone in this assessment (as many in line described the Read Source Article

June 28th, 201716 An article by Noah Forrest “Beer geek” is a popular term within the craft beer community. A lot of people (including those who label themselves as one) consider beer geeks to be an individual who knows a lot about beer, to the point where they see themselves an expert of Read Source Article

June 28th, 201717 Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend the 24th edition of Mondial de la Biere. Due to my main line of work being contract based I was lucky to have some time off during the festival to really take it all in. Some of the Read Source Article


June 20th, 201703 The first entry in Ontario's growing craft cider market to come from Ottawa is produced by Revolution Investments Limited. Flying Canoe Hard Cider pours with a noticeable chill haze and a light orange or pencil yellow hue to it. It looks like some of the ciders I've made in my Read Source Article

April 3rd, 201701 Local Press from Collective Arts Brewing's Cider offshoot in Hamilton is produced with a blend of Northern Spy, Ida Red and Spartan Apples grown here in Ontario. It has a light, ever so slightly hazy golden tone that brings a Chardonnay to mind. Plenty of fine carbonation contributes to an Read Source Article

March 8th, 201704 As the travel, along with the huge amounts of stress and panic brought on by the ultimately rewarding privilege of working on a second book (MAY 20TH, FOLKS!) has officially died down, I'm finding myself looking towards my own fridge for inspiration, and finding that over the years Read Source Article

February 20th, 201705 This slightly hazy, golden-hued Helles lager from Collingwood, Ontario's Side Launch Brewing Company has pencil yellow highlights and pours with a large and frothy head that has excellent retention and tends to leave some light spots of lace near the top of my glass. Mountain Lager has floral and perfume-like Read Source Article

January 23rd, 201703 This post is sort of my way to put to use one of my favourite writing exercises. At the start of each creative writing class in school, our teacher would put some music on and allow us to do some freeform writing for 15 minutes or so. This would allow Read Source Article

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Western Canada


August 12th, 2017

I was in Ottawa the week before Canada Day and was able to check out an LCBO for the very first time - the fancy Bank Street LCBO a block and a half-ish from TD Place where the Ottawa RedBlacks play. It was definitely a nice liquor store. Read...
August 12th, 2017

Possibly one or two of you have been wondering lately: "Where's Cody been? I'm expecting to see his reviews but he's not reviewing anything lately! This is BS!" Well, I've been going through a really bad stint of depression lately and while...
August 5th, 2017

Just in time for Canada's big 150th birthday, Molson came out with a limited edition Stubby Bottle version of their Molson Canadian. This is the first time Molson has released their beer in Stubby format since the mid 1980s.The promotion seemed to...
July 25th, 2017

The last time I went to Ottawa was back in 2003. Back in 2003, my idea of a good beer was Kokanee and Labatt Blue.. so as you probably know, I've changed a bit since then.So on this day, my buddy over at First stop in Ottawa was at <a ...

Flatland Beer

April 13th, 2014
Flatland Beer

Sometimes I start a Facebook post, and it ends up as a blog-worthy rant: case-in-point => yesterday's Post on the Flatland BEER Facebook page. (Since I now have a blog, I should probably stop myself halfway into the FB rant, and head over here...
April 9th, 2014
Flatland Beer

The recent announcement that the Toronto Blue Jays' home – Rogers Centre – would enter the 2014 season with the dubious honour of being the only Major League Baseball stadium not offering any craft beer got me thinking about the crossroad...