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October 19th, 201602 Bienvenu sur 42 Bières et voici mes 42 liens du 19 octobre 2016. Alors cette semaine j'ai pour vous … En vedette Des brasseurs formés à Jonquière Enfin une formation de brasseur qui mènera à un diplôme! On s'en va enfin dans la bonne direction! LCBO Launches Online Alcohol Sales for Ontario Read Source Article...

October 3rd, 201603 Quand j'ai lancé l'application 42 Bières pour iOS il y a près de 3 ans, j'avais eu tout de suite des commentaires pour avoir une version Android de l'app. Je m'y attendais … Je ne suis pas un développeur Android, je n'y connaissais rien là-dedans. Par contre, j'ai toujours Read Source Article

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September 20th, 201603 An article by Noah Forrest When entering Brasserie Bois Blanc, it feels warm, inviting, and best of all, like home. The town Of Hudson (45 minutes west of Montreal) carries that typical quaint little town vibe (alongside some extra shrubbery). I tend to love these small towns, with their Read Source Article

August 22nd, 201606 An Article by Noah Forrest It seems that the gap between wine and beer is starting to get smaller. Certainly, one will never become the other, nor should it. However, with the rising popularity of wine barrel aged beer – both in the classic sense and with this new era Read Source Article

August 12th, 201607 An article by Noah Forrest For readers who don't speak French, the illustrious “Ceci N'est pas Une Gueuze” from Les Trois Mousquetaires translates into English as “This is not a Gueuze.” And by any “official” standard, it isn't a Gueuze (I'll explain why, shortly). This beer hit shelves for the Read Source Article


October 19th, 201601 Billed as a “Canadian Golden Pilsner”, Mythology by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, Ontario is a deep, golden honey colour with a slight chill haze and pours with a fluffy, spongy white head that settles into a rocky cap and leaves a cascade of lace as you drink your Read Source Article

September 6th, 201601 This perry from Double Trouble Brewing Co. is made from Ontario-grown Bosc and Bartlett apples in Stony Creek and has a faint golden yellow hue reminiscent of a light white wine as well as some wavy chill haze. Grow a Pear also smells rather vinous, with strong aromas of green Read Source Article

August 9th, 201602 Honey Ginger Shandy from Old Tomorrow Ltd. in Toronto, Ontario is a beautiful golden hue and pours with a loose and spongy white head that tends to leave small islands of lace on the glass. Ginger and botanical extract aromas waft from this blend of beer and ginger ale, along Read Source Article

July 29th, 201603 One of the things that I got a real sense of while co-writing the Ontario Craft Beer Guide and something that has really stuck out as we begin our research on a possible other one, is the narrative. The story each brewery has behind them. The fascinating thing is Read Source Article

June 10th, 201604 Queen Street 501 from The Brickworks Ciderhouse in Toronto, Ontario has a deep golden colour that more closely resembles a typical American lager than it does a commercially produced cider and retains a small collar of bubbles longer than most. This semi-sweet blend of Ontario heritage apples smells McIntosh-heavy, with Read Source Article

April 11th, 201601 Owned by Constellation Brands, Inc., Growers Cider Co. has produced a number of flavoured ciders of varying potability over the years. Growers Pear is the latest beverage to appear on shelves and is presented as a clear, almost colourless liquid that bears the faintest of chartreuse tones and sets free Read Source Article

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October 20th, 2016

Originally posted in the Brandon Sun - Thank goodness that this horrible take on Iced Tea is long gone!Mill Street Lemon Tea Beer - Mill Street's Lemon Tea beer predates the flop Coors Light Iced T by several years. In fact, Mill Street's Lemon Tea...
October 19th, 2016

It only took five years but Farmery Brewery is FINALLY up and running in Neepawa, making it the very first brewery to open up in Western Manitoba since Empire Brewing was in Brandon back in the 1930s. I've been waiting patiently for a very very long...
October 17th, 2016

Originally posted in The Brandon Sun - September 9, 2016As you likely already know, India Pale Ales (IPA) are one of my favourite styles - after Belgian-style ales. India Pale Ales to me are simply delicious and shows off what it means to be a hop....
October 14th, 2016

Originally posted in the Brandon Sun - I've been writing about beer on and off since 2005 just as a way to cope with my boring life. I remember thinking that it would be awesome if a brewery that made great beer (sans-Fort Garry) opened in Manitoba....

Flatland Beer

April 13th, 2014
Flatland Beer

Sometimes I start a Facebook post, and it ends up as a blog-worthy rant: case-in-point => yesterday's Post on the Flatland BEER Facebook page. (Since I now have a blog, I should probably stop myself halfway into the FB rant, and head over here...
April 9th, 2014
Flatland Beer

The recent announcement that the Toronto Blue Jays' home – Rogers Centre – would enter the 2014 season with the dubious honour of being the only Major League Baseball stadium not offering any craft beer got me thinking about the crossroad...