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November 14th, 201701 Le mois de novembre est toujours fertile en découverte surtout à cause de la Grande Dégustation de Montréal, avec plus d'une centaine de vin dégusté, plusieurs vins se démarquent du lot, en voici trois qui j'espère sauront vous conquérir! Sous l'appellation Vale de Colchaga, au Chili, le Quatro 2015 est élaboré Read Source Article

November 12th, 201702 Ça fait bien longtemps que je n'ai pas goûté un nouveau produit de Le Castor, devant faire preuve d'un peu de variété sur ce blogue. Ce temps de l'année est enfin venu! Nous dégusterons donc la Saison Rakau, une saison remplie de houblons néo-zélandais. Depuis que j'ai découvert la <a target="_blank" Read Source Article

November 5th, 201706 La semaine dernière, j'ai eu la chance de visiter l'usine d'Unibroue à Chambly en compagnie de quelques chanceux amateurs, guidés… Read Source Article

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November 27th, 201706 An article by Noah Forrest As much as one can say that label art shouldn't effect how we choose a given bottle of beer, it certainly still does. This is especially true for individuals who are first discovering craft beer (or any product, really). If you don't know what you're Read Source Article

November 21st, 2017010 An article by Noah Forrest This week, Dieu du Ciel! is releasing a new winter mix pack called Caisse d'hiver! Starting this week, it will be available for purchase in stores all across the province. This soon-to-be illustrious case of beer contains four different barrel-aged creations for us to Read Source Article

November 14th, 201702 An article by Noah Forrest The Toronto brewing scene is blowing up more and more every year. Bellwoods is quickly becoming one of the best in the country, while countless other Toronto-based breweries produce some exceptional beers. Even when you venture outside the greater Toronto area, there are still Read Source Article

November 8th, 201703 New comers to the scene Matera Brasseurs Tonneliers, have been working hard to get some of their beers down to their specific vision and liking. They have big dreams to move things to their own facility in the future, but for the moment they are currently Read Source Article

November 6th, 2017015 An Article by Noah Forrest Barrel-aging beer is nothing new at this point. Whether it's bourbon and whiskey barrels, or even wine barrels, it seems that at this point most breweries have dabbled in the process. Alcohol-infused oak lends new layers of complexity to the beer that's being aged. Bourbon Read Source Article


December 12th, 201700 ***PLEASE READ WITH EARPHONES ON AND VOLUME TURNED UP*** Well, of course there's ASMR of it. That's something I never thought I would say on this site, even though I should have expected it. But here we are. So, a bit of context before we continue with what turned out to be a Read Source Article

September 12th, 2017025 Primarily known for their vinegars, Reinhart Foods in Stayner, Ontario recently entered the hard cider market with a sweet and light entry made from provincially grown Gala, Mcintosh and Cortland apples. Reinhart's Red Apple Light Cider is a pale golden colour reminiscent of an American lager and yields a loose Read Source Article

June 20th, 201704 The first entry in Ontario's growing craft cider market to come from Ottawa is produced by Revolution Investments Limited. Flying Canoe Hard Cider pours with a noticeable chill haze and a light orange or pencil yellow hue to it. It looks like some of the ciders I've made in my Read Source Article

April 3rd, 201703 Local Press from Collective Arts Brewing's Cider offshoot in Hamilton is produced with a blend of Northern Spy, Ida Red and Spartan Apples grown here in Ontario. It has a light, ever so slightly hazy golden tone that brings a Chardonnay to mind. Plenty of fine carbonation contributes to an Read Source Article

March 8th, 201704 As the travel, along with the huge amounts of stress and panic brought on by the ultimately rewarding privilege of working on a second book (MAY 20TH, FOLKS!) has officially died down, I'm finding myself looking towards my own fridge for inspiration, and finding that over the years Read Source Article

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Western Canada


December 12th, 2017

That day is finally here: the day when I can finally review a beer from La Brasserie Nonsuch Brewery! I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch party back in June.. which was the first brewery event I've ever been personally invited to. They...
December 12th, 2017

Originally written back in 2015 but still true..I'm the expert at hoarding beers - I love to age beers to see how they taste different over time. Three years down the road, that Belgian ale or Imperial Stout that you "forgot" about will have changed...
December 11th, 2017

The release of Unibroue 17 is one of the only things I like about Christmas time in Manitoba, ever since 2013 the newest annual batch of U17 was expected to make its way to Manitoba. Unfortunately for this year, it's not going to. Well.. Unibroue 17...
December 10th, 2017

A couple weeks ago I went to Winnipeg with my up-and-coming brewery owner friend Ben to check out the Winnipeg beer scene, I haven't been in Winnipeg for a few months so I was glad to check out a few breweries while I was in town! Sorry about the...

Flatland Beer

April 13th, 2014
Flatland Beer

Sometimes I start a Facebook post, and it ends up as a blog-worthy rant: case-in-point => yesterday's Post on the Flatland BEER Facebook page. (Since I now have a blog, I should probably stop myself halfway into the FB rant, and head over here...
April 9th, 2014
Flatland Beer

The recent announcement that the Toronto Blue Jays' home – Rogers Centre – would enter the 2014 season with the dubious honour of being the only Major League Baseball stadium not offering any craft beer got me thinking about the crossroad...