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February 14th, 201700 Tu te souviens de Alcools et Saveurs ? Oui c'est bien possible comme il n'y a eu qu'une seule édition à l'hiver 2015. Les organisateurs ont décidé de le renommer Caribü et d'attendre à l'hiver 2017. Et tu sais quoi? On est rendu là! Et ça ce passe en Read Source Article

February 11th, 201700 Voici un dilemme qui est courant chez les brasseurs amateurs. Plusieurs chaudrons de brassage à bas prix ne bénéficient pas de caractéristiques intéressantes telles que des graduations ou un connecteur pour valve. Dans cet article, nous vous guiderons à travers une technique relativement simple pour marquer de l'acier inoxydable de Read Source Article

February 9th, 201702 La Cuvée est de retour pour une cinquième année et cet hiver marquera une édition de célébration qui promet d'être un succès! Pour l'occasion l'équipe présente une tonne de nouveautés qui fera assurément le bonheur de ses adeptes et pourra convertir de nouveaux curieux. C'est dans une ambiance festive et Read Source Article

February 9th, 201701 C'est quelque chose sur lequel je travaille depuis un bout de temps. Je parle ici d'une nouvelle version de l'app 42 Bières pour iOS. Elle arrive aujourd'hui en version 2.0 avec deux nouveautés intéressantes en plus de quelques nouveaux établissements. À partir de maintenant, tu vas pouvoir lire les nouveaux billets Read Source Article

February 1st, 201711 Pour une première fois sur BDQ, voici une entrevue avec un des artisans de la bière du Québec. Martin L'Allier est artisan brasseur et fondateur de MonsRegius, une toute nouvelle brasserie située à Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville. Ex designer graphique, il tente de ramener la bière à table aux côtés du vin Read Source Article

February 1st, 201715 Before the holidays, I came across this Kickstarter project about a "new" project to drink beer, the Trinken. Not that new because last year there was another campaign for the initial product. This year I wanted to try it out. (Thanks Jerry from Trinken for the samples) What is Trinken? It's a plastic cap that we put on a can and camouflage it inside a coffee cup. The result is exactly the same as the drink you'd buy at the coffee shop. Trinken's goal? Allows you to drink beer unnoticed in your favourite place where it's not possible. I don't think I'll use it each week but... you can be sure I'll be drinking a good coffee...

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February 2nd, 201713 An article by Noah Forrest 2017 has arrived. Trump is president. Sigh. At least there is good beer to be had. Perhaps all these delicious craft elixirs can numb the pain of watching endless videos of that floppy faced orange buffoon, as he tries to set us back fifty years. Read Source Article

February 1st, 201702 An article by Noah Forrest By nature we are competitive. Some more than others of course, but our natural affinity towards competition manages to shape our lives in many ways. It has certainly shaped our economy. Businesses often grapple with one another, each trying to stay ahead of the other Read Source Article

January 12th, 201700 An article by Noah Forrest “Hey Noah, when the hell are you going to stop writing so many damn articles about fruit beer!?” Well, maybe I'll stop when fruit stops tasting so damn delicious! Alright, so no one has actually asked me that question, but I'm sure some people have Read Source Article

January 4th, 201702 Dieu Du Ciel has a very interesting concept of releasing beers according to the four seasons. These beers include Equinoxe du Printemps (Spring), Equinoxe D'automne (Autumn), Solstice D'hiver (Winter) and Solstice D'ete (Summer). All of them are very sought after and all of them are very highly raved Read Source Article


February 20th, 201700 This slightly hazy, golden-hued Helles lager from Collingwood, Ontario's Side Launch Brewing Company has pencil yellow highlights and pours with a large and frothy head that has excellent retention and tends to leave some light spots of lace near the top of my glass. Mountain Lager has floral and perfume-like Read Source Article

January 23rd, 201701 This post is sort of my way to put to use one of my favourite writing exercises. At the start of each creative writing class in school, our teacher would put some music on and allow us to do some freeform writing for 15 minutes or so. This would allow Read Source Article

January 9th, 201702 Well, that's the manuscript for the second edition of The Ontario Craft Beer Guide, done and dusted. Between working on that for the past 5-6 months while also working on the promotion for the last book and juggling my columns and day job, and spending most of my waking hours Read Source Article

December 1st, 201601 This American brown ale from Toronto's Left Field Brewery is a deep, dark and mostly opaque brown, with ruby highlights around the edges of the glass like a root beer or cola. A billowy mocha-tinted head settles in as a long-lasting soapy cap and leaves small islands of lace behind. Read Source Article

October 19th, 201603 Billed as a “Canadian Golden Pilsner”, Mythology by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in Barrie, Ontario is a deep, golden honey colour with a slight chill haze and pours with a fluffy, spongy white head that settles into a rocky cap and leaves a cascade of lace as you drink your Read Source Article

September 6th, 201602 This perry from Double Trouble Brewing Co. is made from Ontario-grown Bosc and Bartlett apples in Stony Creek and has a faint golden yellow hue reminiscent of a light white wine as well as some wavy chill haze. Grow a Pear also smells rather vinous, with strong aromas of green Read Source Article

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February 26th, 2017

Originally posted in the Brandon Sun, June 24, 2016This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise, so to celebrate the occasion the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post came out with commemorative coins and stamps Read Source Article...
February 24th, 2017

Today I'm checking out The Reel Peel Grapefruit IPA by the folks over at Fernie Brewing out of Fernie, BC. I've reviewed a few of Fernie's beers out of their popular Bucket List IPA Series already.. for the most part the IPA series has been fairly...
February 21st, 2017

It's been quite a while since I last saw a Parallel 49 beer in a bigger, seasonal release bottle - so it's nice to see their beer selection increasing here in Manitoba! Tonight I'm checking out their Mystic Skull #5. Mystic Skull #5 is described as...
February 21st, 2017

It's been a while since I've reviewed a Double Trouble beer.. in fact.. it was back in 2015 when I last reviewed their beer, and it was for the Brandon Sun.Double Trouble's French Press Vanilla Stout has been in my fridge before but an asshole...

Flatland Beer

April 13th, 2014
Flatland Beer

Sometimes I start a Facebook post, and it ends up as a blog-worthy rant: case-in-point => yesterday's Post on the Flatland BEER Facebook page. (Since I now have a blog, I should probably stop myself halfway into the FB rant, and head over here...
April 9th, 2014
Flatland Beer

The recent announcement that the Toronto Blue Jays' home – Rogers Centre – would enter the 2014 season with the dubious honour of being the only Major League Baseball stadium not offering any craft beer got me thinking about the crossroad...