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October 28th, 201804 La jeune microbrasserie les Grands-Bois de St-Casimir a ouvert ses portes en août 2016. Assez rapidement, ils se sont dotés d'équipements d'embouteillage pour le format canette. Il s'agit d'un choix judicieux pour protéger leurs produits houblonnés. Je recommande leur Impérial Gros Tigre, une session IPA goûteuse et facile à boire. Caractéristiques Session Read Source Article

October 15th, 201802 Puisque l'automne est bien arrivé et que le rouge est à l'honneur, je vous entretiendrai de deux vins rouges pour accompagner tous ces beaux mijotés et plats réconfortants de cette belle saison de transition. Tout d'abord une petite visite au Portugal au vignoble Casa Ferreirinha, situé dans la très célèbre région Read Source Article

October 7th, 201809 Après les NEIPA et les IPA tropicales et les Smoothie IPA, les Brut IPA sont en voie de devenir la nouvelle tendance dans le monde des bières houblonnées. Il s'agit tout simplement d'une version extra faible en sucre résiduel de ce style tant apprécié en Amérique du Nord. Lorsque la Read Source Article

September 16th, 201806 Le festival bières et saveurs de Chambly est une belle alternative en plein air au mondial de la bière. L'édition 2018 se tenait au début du mois de septembre, et proposait une imposante variété de bières, cidres, hydromels et de nourriture. N'y étant pas allé depuis quelques années, j'ai été Read Source Article

August 31st, 201807 La brasserie artisanale Lagabière se trouve en plein cœur du Vieux-Saint-Jean, à Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Pour permettre une distribution à plus grande échelle, certains de leurs produits sont embouteillés. C'est le cas de " Ta Meilleure, un bon exemple de NEIPA produite au Québec. Caractéristiques IPA du Nord-Est (NEIPA) BJCP (2015) : 21B. New England Read Source Article

August 29th, 201808 Bienvenu sur 42 Bières et voici mes 42 liens du 29 août 2018. Alors cette fois j'ai pour vous … En vedette Le dompteur de levures Profil de Francis Joncas, grand manitou de Pit Caribou et des bières de fermentation spontanée au Québec La culture de l'éphémère? Toujours boire la dernière bière, la Read Source Article...

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October 25th, 201808 An article by Noah Forrest October is here. Winter jackets are being pulled from closets, leaves are hitting the ground, and there are far more pumpkin spiced things out there than we need. And although everyone is exited about Halloween, I'm actually more excited about Brasserie Dunham‘s 2018 bottle Read Source Article

October 23rd, 201804 Over the summer I had the opportunity to kick it with Stephane Delisle, the man behind the small podcast Podcrastination. We sat together to have a little chat about all things beer, and also whatever else came to mind. You can hear the two part chat here: <a target="_blank" Read Source Article

October 16th, 201804 Since my first experience going to Bieres Et Saveurs Chambly last year in 2017, the festival has settled in my mind as the best beer festival in Quebec. Regardless of a new festival joining the ranks this year by Dunham, called Foudres, Chambly is still at Read Source Article

September 20th, 2018013 An article by Noah Forrest Back in January of this year I barely knew who Brasserie du Bas-Canada was. Their unlabeled bottles with simple tags hanging from the neck were starting to show up on social media, but I wasn't quite paying attention yet. As far as I knew, Read Source Article

September 4th, 201804 On a very pleasant Sunday afternoon, as I lazed my hang over away laying on the sofa, resting silently, I was duly disturbed by my wife, who wanted to drag me to Atwater market. And with hesitation, I got up and dragged myself into the shower and got ready for Read Source Article


September 18th, 201803 This Munich style helles lager from Toronto's Muddy York Brewing Co. is a bright and clear golden colour and produces a large, porous white head that leaves a small collar in its wake and amoeba-like spots of lace on your glass. Gaslight Helles Lager has strong caramel and toffee aromas Read Source Article

July 30th, 201803 This limited edition release from Collective Arts Brewing from Hamilton, Ontario is a hazy and opaque chartreuse colour that pours with a large and loose white head that burns off in but a few seconds and leave little more than a floss-like ring behind. The citrus character of Lime & Read Source Article

July 13th, 2018017 So the past month or so has actually been a pretty informative one for me, and, because I'm trying not to just let those thoughts out into bursts on my twitter account, I thought I'd put a few things out on here as well. And while I've been talking about Read Source Article

June 25th, 201802 Produced in Hamilton, Ontario, Collective Arts Honey & Lavender Cider is a pale straw colour and exudes effervescence long after being poured, and even produces a persistent ring around your glass. This summer seasonal is mainly apple juice and honey on the nose, with a subtle, but enticing air of Read Source Article

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Western Canada


November 14th, 2018

Back in the summer, Nonsuch announced that they've found a permanent location for their brewery. Prior to opening at 125 Pacific Ave in Winnipeg (former location of PEG Brewing), they were brewing over at Barn Hammer Brewing.At the end of August I...
November 14th, 2018

I remember the day when this beer made it to my go-to Liquor Mart, some of the younger staff was giggling about this beer. Not only that, I was chatting with friends about this beer and they were giggling about the name.. but for me, I didn't...
November 13th, 2018

Torque's official second anniversary party took place at the end of August and unfortunately I wasn't able to make it. Torque's been an amazing supporter of BeerCrank.ca ever since before the brewery ever opened, in fact - their co-owner/VP of...
November 10th, 2018

Alberta's Brewsters Brewing wins the award for "first new Barley Wine of the season" for yours truly. Sure, it may not be technically winter yet - but it sure feels/looks like it here in Manitoba. Barley Wines are easily one of my favourite styles...

Flatland Beer

April 13th, 2014
Flatland Beer

Sometimes I start a Facebook post, and it ends up as a blog-worthy rant: case-in-point => yesterday's Post on the Flatland BEER Facebook page. (Since I now have a blog, I should probably stop myself halfway into the FB rant, and head over here...
April 9th, 2014
Flatland Beer

The recent announcement that the Toronto Blue Jays' home – Rogers Centre – would enter the 2014 season with the dubious honour of being the only Major League Baseball stadium not offering any craft beer got me thinking about the crossroad...